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Home Garden Lights Design

Home Garden Lights Design – Garden lights are supporting things that can add to the beauty of a garden at night. In fact, if the design of the garden lights has a unique shape, and bright colors, then your minimalist garden will definitely look beautiful and attractive!

And besides having uses for lighting, using lights in a minimalist garden can also provide several benefits, you know! Such as security, safety, and beauty. How good, right?

Well, for that, I will give recommendations on some beautiful garden lamp designs for your minimalist garden.

7 Recommended Garden Light Designs For Minimalist Gardens

1. Hanging Garden Lights

Hanging Garden Lights

The first design is a hanging garden lamp. This type of lamp is actually beautiful. Moreover, the light produced by the lamp is usually like a meteor shower that falls from the sky. Looks unique and interesting.

In fact, this type of hanging garden lamp is suitable to be hung lengthwise above the garden ceiling. So that your minimalist garden will look beautiful and charming.

2. Planting Garden Lights

Planting Garden Lights

Usually we often encounter planting lights on the roadside. If you look closely, it may seem normal.

But, who would have thought, if planting lights installed in a minimalist garden would look attractive and elegant.

Moreover, there are various forms of planting garden lights, you know! Some are round like a ball. There is a box shape but has a honeycomb motif. And there are also some planting lights that have an orange color.

Then uniquely, as the times progressed, electricity-saving planting lights began to appear! Because to turn it on, you don’t need to use electricity, but only use solar panels. Cool, right?

And one more advantage, planting garden lights are strong, because they can survive even in rainy weather.

Therefore, choosing a planting lamp design for your minimalist garden is a wise and right choice!

3. Wall Garden Lights

3. Wall Garden Lights

For a minimalist garden that is squeezed by large walls, it is perfect if you use a wall lamp design as lighting.

Moreover, wall lamps also have a variety of unique shapes you know! No less good when compared to the previous garden lights.

4. Round Garden Lights

4. Round Garden Lights

This type of garden lamp is actually almost similar to a planting lamp, because the pole is stuck in the ground. However, this lamp only has one shape, which is round like the moon.

By using round garden lights, it is certain that your minimalist garden will look sweet and elegant!

5. Solar Garden Lights

5. Solar Garden Lights

For those of you who really want to install lights in the garden, but are constrained by electricity costs. Then don’t worry! Solar garden lights are the best solution!

By using solar garden lights, your garden will automatically look bright at night. And most importantly, you no longer have to worry about paying for electricity.

6. Wooden Garden Lights

Wooden Garden Lights

For wood lovers and want their minimalist garden to look beautiful and natural, then choosing a wooden garden lamp is the right choice.

In fact, garden lights made of wood have a cool shape. No less unique and beautiful than the previous garden lights.

7. Natural Stone Garden Lights

Natural Stone Garden Lights

And the last is natural stone garden lights. This type of lamp is one of the strongest, sturdy, and durable.

And no doubt, natural stone garden lights also have their own beauty and uniqueness. There are so many shapes and motifs that are owned.

Well, that’s 7 good garden lamp designs for your minimalist garden!

And keep in mind, that each garden lamp design has its own characteristics, uniqueness, advantages and disadvantages of each! For that, before deciding which garden lamp design to use, you must first pay attention to how the condition of your minimalist garden is? What kind of lamp design do you think your garden fits into? Everything has to be thought out carefully!

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