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Minimalist Bathroom Design

The bathroom is one of the rooms that are not only important but can also provide the main idea of the concept of the house or the owner of the house itself. The bathroom is clean and tidy, and also has a neat room and furniture arrangement, which will certainly provide a sense of comfort and relaxation for the wearer, especially after being tired of doing all-day activities. Designing the bathroom according to our wishes will be a challenge if the bathroom we have has small or limited dimensions. However, we can overcome this by applying some minimalist bathroom ideas with a unique design so that the bathroom still looks elegant and comfortable.

On this occasion we have summarized 14 minimalist bathroom design ideas that are unique, interesting, and modern for you as follows:

14 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas With Unique and Contemporary Designs

1. Minimalist Bathroom Without Bathtub

Minimalist Bathroom Without Bathtub

The bathroom that is not too spacious is suitable to be applied with a minimalist design. Even without a bathtub, your minimalist bathroom model will still be comfortable and attractive. You can simply add a sink, bathroom shower, and closed as well as some other complementary properties with an attractive position.

2. Bathroom With Monochrome Concept

If you don’t like the complicated things of minimalist home design, try applying the following monochrome concept.

Bathroom With Monochrome Concept

The combination of contrast between black and white colors makes your bathroom look attractive and not monotonous even though it is simple. With the monochrome concept, the dominance of white makes the room minimalist while the dominance of black creates a masculine and elegant impression.

To prevent the bathroom floor on the outside you can prevent it by installing an Anti-slip Sticker for the bathroom floor and bathtub as shown below.

Anti-slip stickers for bathroom floors

3. Minimalist Apartment-Style Bathroom

The tiny size of the room does not mean limitations in design. Creative ideas to realize a minimalist bathroom through the choice of shape, shower model, closed, as well as colors, and materials.

Minimalist Apartment-Style Bathroom

In addition, good lighting does not have to be brightly lit but is appropriate according to the needs of the space. Any room with visually good lighting will make the homeowner comfortable.

4. Minimalist Japanese Oriental Bathroom

Applying the right minimalist bathroom design, even with inexpensive decoration, you can still have a well-known interior-style bathroom that looks luxurious. One of them, is the following Japanese-style oriental nuances.

Minimalist Japanese Oriental Bathroom

You can copy the inspiration of this Japanese-style bath. Enough with the addition of a minimalist chair, it is guaranteed that you will feel more at home soaking for a long time. If you are looking for minimalist bathroom design ideas 2×3 this Japanese-style oriental nuance concept is perfect for this size

5. Minimalist Bathroom With Black and White Theme

Black and white colors are color combinations that seem timeless and are suitable to be applied to any room, including the bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom With Black and White Theme

The combination of mosaic floors with white ceramic walls and matching colors on the furniture becomes a more instagrammable look. A touch of a wooden shelf in the corner of the room can make the bathroom more rustic.

6. Minimalist Bathroom with Natural / Outdoor Nuances

The following design is characterized by providing open space and a predominance of greenery in it.

Minimalist Bathroom with Natural / Outdoor Nuances

Natural rocks are chosen as wall coverings. Meanwhile, the roof uses a semi-open wooden design so that it obtains natural light. It is also okay for you to add other items such as wooden cabinets and mirrors with carved accents.

7. Minimalist Bathroom Design Size 1×2

Do you have a hallway-shaped bathroom with a size of 1×2? Casati uses a good village so that this small bathroom still looks luxurious and spacious.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Size 1×2

You can use vertical patterned walls in the shower area. So that the bathroom does not feel crowded, avoid using the shower box so that it will look more airy. The interior arrangement of the minimalist bathroom measuring 1×2 meters is quite simple but maximum thanks to the toiletries chosen to fit.

8. Minimalist Bathroom Design Size 2×1.5

Talking about the size of the bathroom, the size of 2×1.5 is certainly quite a small size. However, don’t worry, you can take advantage of the space available as a comfortable and attractive minimalist bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Size 2×1.5

At least this bathroom design can accommodate bathroom equipment such as toilets, sinks, and small spaces specifically for showers. You can make the overall wall area with a ceramic or white brick model, combined with a black floor. If you want to add an industrial impression, you can use decorative lights and mirrors with a bold touch of black.

9. Minimalist Bathroom Design Size 2×2

Limited land should not make you not pay attention to the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Size 2×2

Though there are many ways to keep the bathroom looking elegant as well as functional. The wooden texture used on the walls and floor can beautify your bathroom area.

10. Minimalist Bathroom With Natural Stone

For some people, the bathing ritual is not only used to cleanse the body, but can also be used for relaxation. To fulfill this practical function, you can use a natural stone arrangement that presents a maximum natural feel.

Minimalist Bathroom With Natural Stone

Maximize the natural impression in this minimalist bathroom design by combining natural stone with other materials such as vertical patterned walls. The more clearly exposed the natural rocks, the more it feels the sensation of bathing in the outdoors, which is very soothing.

11. Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

You can get a modern and minimalist impression by harmonizing the color of the all-white bathroom like this.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

As an accent, you can combine it with some touches of motifs on the bathroom floor and a large mirror to give it a spacious impression. Minimalist and modern, right?

12. Simple Minimalist Bathroom Design

Bathroom design should still focus on function and utilization. In addition, it must also pay attention to its aesthetic aspects. Although small, the following inspiration can be your choice.

Simple Minimalist Bathroom Design

Using wall ceramics completely in the bathroom to highlight the aesthetic side coupled with unique furniture as a function of collecting water. There is no need for a lot of equipment to be stored in the bathroom.

13. Bathroom With Natural / Wooden Concept

Bathroom With Natural / Wooden Concept

The accent of the wood panels in the bathroom presents a natural concept that provides a warm atmosphere for relaxation comfort. Then, what is no less important is to provide windows in the bathroom to create natural lighting so that it further highlights the natural impression.

14. Bathroom With Tropical Concept

Tropical style has been a trend for the past few years. Many people choose this concept to provide a sense of comfort because it has the impression that the open space is quite spacious.

Bathroom With Tropical Concept

Natural elements highlighted in the laying of plants in the shower area give a fresh impression. In addition, the texture of the wood adds to the tropical atmosphere attached to the walls and floor of the bathroom.

Well, those are some bathroom design ideas that can be used as inspiration for your dream home.

After listening to various minimalist bathroom design ideas, there are tips for designing a bathroom to look bigger and more comfortable as follows:

10 Tips for Designing a Bathroom to Look Big and Comfortable

1. Color Selection

The first point to make the room look larger is the selection of paint. The choice of color largely determines how much an airy impression can be obtained. Changing an ordinary-looking area to feel more alive. With the color of the wall paint that is bright, it certainly makes the space brighter and wider. Especially when combined with a dark color for the bathroom floor.

2. Simple and Clean

It is common knowledge that minimalist style is synonymous with the lack of goods in the room. Just put the things that are really necessary neatly. You can take advantage of the drawer where the storage is so that the bathroom does not look messy and more spacious. In addition, avoid excessive accessories because they can make the bathroom look full so that it is no longer a minimalist style.

3. Minimalist Decoration (Laying of Goods)

The way to take advantage of a small space is to arrange the placement of goods vertically, not horizontally. If you put things in a row or horizontally, the room will feel narrower and not so effective. In addition, with the vertical style, the appearance of the bathroom has also become more unique.

4. Selection of Bathroom Wall or Ceramic Patterns

The minimalist style is not always plain, you can also add shades on the walls with wallpaper or choose a minimalist bathroom ceramic that is slightly patterned. Just choose a simple pattern such as symmetrical lines that are not excessive or checkered and hexagons.

5. Using a Mirror

The next tip is that the placement of mirrors on the wall can make the bathroom look bigger while providing a good reflection of light from the lamp or window.

6. Wall Mounted Toilet

Another alternative to creating a more spacious atmosphere in the bathroom, a toilet pasted by a wall can be one of them. With a floating position, there is still space under the toilet that can be used to store bathroom equipment such as brushes and bathroom cleaning liquid.

7. Use a Shower

If your bathroom has an area that is not large enough, the use of a shower is the right choice compared to using a bath tub. There are many choices of showers ranging from digital types, electric, mixers, to power showers.

8. Small Sink

By using a small sink, you already save a lot of space. This small sink can be combined with a floating drawer pasted on the wall to place toiletries. The most important thing is that the function of the sink is still fulfilled just for washing hands, washing your face, or brushing your teeth.

9. Furniture selection

If you don’t want to take up space for furniture use, you can choose furniture with a round shape. Furniture with a square shape is considered more space-consuming. Although at first glance this is not visible, if you look deeper, the difference is actually quite significant. This can be a consideration for you to find bathroom furniture.

10. Lighting

The last most important tip in creating a bathroom is its lighting. Apart from being a comfort factor, good natural lighting, namely by placing the bathroom positioned opposite the West or East sun direction, can make germs die thanks to the natural radiance. You can provide a grille in the ceiling as a natural lighting gap. In addition to natural lighting, warm light (yellowish) color lamps give a warm impression.

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