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Jennie BLACKPINK Is Tightly Escorted In Paris

Jennie BLACKPINK Is Tightly Escorted In Paris – GH Had Written Down Threats To Fly To Paris With 15 People To Meet Jennie. They Will Use All Means To Get Jennie To Open Up About Her Dating Rumors.

Jennie BLACKPINK Is Tightly Escorted In Paris

Jennie BLACKPINK was recorded getting a tight escort while in Paris. The BLACKPINK member was invited to attend the Chanel event in Paris Fashion Week 2022 as one of its brand ambassadors.

Strict escorts to idols at public events are actually not uncommon. But especially for Jennie this time, many suspect that this escort is due to concerns about the appearance of GH’s figure.

It is known that together, GH had written down the threat of flying to Paris with 15 people to meet Jennie. They will use all means so that the idol born in 1996 will open up about her dating rumors.

Since the last few months, the public has been pestered with photos allegedly showing Bts’ Jennie and V dating. The two popular idols allegedly not only visited each other’s apartment but they also dated each other in Jeju.

After a period of silence, YG Entertainment finally took decisive action. Jisoo’s agency asked police to run an official investigation into the leak of a private photo belonging to Jennie.

“We have officially requested that the police investigate who first circulated the personal photo of Blackpink’s Jennie. YG consistently monitored the matter and filed a lawsuit in September after gathering information,” YG said.

But YG did not officially disclose which personal photos of Jennie were distributed because there were many that showed allegedly with V. “”The photos distributed online were published illegally, without Jennie’s consent,” YG added.

YG ended his threat by saying, Sharing the images is an act of secondary victimization and can be subject to legal penalties. YG Entertainment will continue to work to protect the rights and interests of our artists.”

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