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Jennie sullen expression because of Jisoo

Jennie’s sullen expression because of Jisoo – Viral Video Footage Shows Jennie Walking Towards Jisoo. Jennie Expects Jisoo To Touch Her According To The Lyrics In The Song ‘Bombayah’ That They Are Presenting.

BLACKPINK recently held the “BORN PINK” concert in Cologne, Germany. During the concert, there was an interesting moment where Jennie was sullen and sullen because Jisoo was screwing her when they were still on stage.

The viral video clip shows Jennie walking up to Jisoo and having an adorable interaction with one another. At that time the song “Bombayah” they were singing was close to the lyrics, “touch, touch, touch”.

Jennie expected Jisoo to touch her according to the lyrics. Unfortunately, Jisoo doesn’t seem to get the code from Jennie. When the lyrics started, Jisoo walked the other way to greet BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans).

Jennie, who realized that she didn’t get the touch she wanted, finally turned around and realized that Jisoo was going the other way. Immediately, Jennie looked sullen and put on a sullen expression.

Jennie sullen expression because of Jisoo

Jennie’s sullen expression because Jisoo immediately went viral became the subject of discussion for fans on social media. “Jennie really thought they would be a couple ‘I know you want to touch’ after the Barcelona show kkkks,” wrote a fan.

“Plss, really, the girl’s cat, Jenny’s behavior, is really funny, do you know that the cat who wants to get married really likes it,” continued another. “The disappointment on his face after shaking his ass made me unable to breathe,” concluded the other fans.

On the other hand, in a recent interview with Elle Korea magazine, Jennie expressed her enthusiasm for visiting more than 30 cities until next year for the “BORN PINK” world tour. “I’m happy,” said Jenny.

“Because we haven’t been able to perform concerts for a long time, I want to meet fans as soon as possible and want to show many people the music we have prepared diligently. Above all, after completing this journey, I believe that I will grow once again, so I am looking forward to it. I hope that at that time, I will become a version of myself that fits the word ‘icon’ better.”

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