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Room Decoration For Children's Play

Room Decoration For Children’s Play – For families who already have children, of course, there are many things that must be considered. Starting from food, clothing, and even toys, you have to be careful when choosing them. Speaking of toys, this is certainly one of the favorites of your little one.

Starting from the bedroom, bathroom, and even the living room, it can be filled with toys for your little one, hihi. However, in some houses, there are also those who provide a special playroom for their children. The room can be the right place to store your little one’s things.

For this playroom, you can actually unite it with the study room or in the living room. The important thing is the selection of the right furniture and decoration. So, what kind of furniture should Mama and Papa choose to fill the little guy’s playroom? It can’t just be stuffed with their toys, right?

Room Decoration For Children's Play

Children do tend to enjoy playing. They enjoy using the various objects they have as a game, including home furnishings. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the durability and safety of the furniture and decoration before buying it.

In addition, try to choose toys that are suitable for children. For example, items with obtuse or circular angles. If you choose sharp-angled furniture, it’s a good idea to provide safety for every corner.

Well, immediately Kania recommends furniture that is suitable for your little one’s playroom!

1. Shelves and Baskets

Shelves and Baskets

The playroom is definitely full of various toys and children. But, don’t let it get messy. You can give a shelf or basket as a place to put back the toys that have been used. The children’s playroom also became neater. So that your little one is more enthusiastic about tidying up the room, you can buy baskets of various shapes and colors.

2. Tables and Chairs

Tables and Chairs

Provide a set of tables and child chairs where children can sit and be creative. Choose a table that doesn’t have many drawers, so that even your little one’s feet can move freely. Kania chose an adorable hippopotamus-shaped table to fill her child’s playroom. It’s so exciting, Kania, who wants to sit there too, hihihi.

3. Carpet


If you are tired of sitting at the table, the child will definitely change directions and lie down on the floor. Don’t let the child get cold until they catch a cold because they are sitting on the floor. You can give a thick carpet that is ready to warm it.

4. Cushion


You can provide a cushion as a place to sit your little one on the floor. In addition, pillows of various shapes and colors can be one of the mediums for his game.

5. Resting Place

Resting Place

Because they are too eager to play, sometimes children fall asleep. You can put a small folding mattress or sofa that can be a place for your little one to rest after being tired from playing. If you have more budget, you can present a crib. That way, you don’t have to move him to the bedroom when your little one is fast asleep while playing.

6. Whiteboard


Channel the child’s imagination by providing a whiteboard that your little one uses to draw and write.  After that, you can tell each other about what is depicted on the blackboard.

7. Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

Decorate the walls of the children’s playroom with various cute and brightly colored pictures. Apart from being a decoration, the image can be a learning piece of advice and stimulate your little one’s imagination. In addition, you can also display children’s work by placing it in the frame. So children are even more excited to work!

That’s the furniture that Kania recommends to fill the children’s playroom. Don’t forget to double-check your furniture. Don’t let there be material that can hurt or disturb your little one playing, okay!

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Happy decorating!

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