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How to Arrange a Minimalist Living Room

Having a living room with a small size, narrow and elongated is a challenge for us as hosts to arrange it. So that the impression of being narrow and small is gone, you can try how to arrange a minimalist living room that is elongated and narrow as below

Arranging a narrow and elongated living room so that it seems spacious and provides comfort is not an easy matter that requires expertise or a separate way to arrange it. Here are some ways to arrange an elongated and narrow living room.

7 Arranging an elongated and narrow Living Room

1. Wall Paint Color

Wall Paint Color

The first way to get a living room that seems spacious is to choose a bright or bright wall paint color. Because a light color will eliminate the impression of being narrow and small. Here are 3 recommendations for color combinations to make the room look bigger, White, Light Blue, Tosca green and Bright Yellow

2. Sofa Selection

Sofa Selection

The second way in arranging a living room that extends like a rectangle is the selection of sofas. Choose a sofa that extends and adjust it to the size of the room and place the sofa docked to the wall so that the middle has more space. Avoid choosing sofas that take up enough space or are too large maybe like sofas that are L-shaped.

3. Use a minimalist chair

Use a minimalist chair

To make guests more comfortable and able to communicate face to face, choose a minimalist chair that is small in size combined with a chair cushion so that the room still feels wide as in the picture above using a rattan chair and combined with a chair cushion.

4. Selection of guest tables

Selection of guest tables

The guest table has an important role in decorating the living room, namely to serve food or drinks to guests. However, so that the middle space is more free, choose a minimalist and small guest table, for example, as in the picture above

5. Use a Hanging Shelf

Use a Hanging Shelf

The living room is synonymous with many decorations or accessories but in this case for simple living room conditions the number of decorations will take the existing space and make the living room narrow. To overcome this, you can outsmart it by using a hanging shelf to store decorations such as flower plants, urns – small urns or other living room wall decorations so that they don’t take up much space in the middle of the middle

6. Selection of floor carpets

Selection of floor carpets

The use of floor carpets is not mandatory in arranging the living room. The advantages of using floor carpets for the living room will have a luxurious impression but for a living room that is not too spacious, choose the color and motif of the floor carpet that is in harmony with the color of the wall paint so that the living room seems spacious

7. Selection of curtains

In general, the living room is in the frontmost position of the house plan so that it automatically has windows and must use curtains. For the selection of window curtains to make it seem wider, use a simple type of curtain that does not have many tassel tassels or you can use minimalist folding curtains as shown below. Oh don’t forget to adjust the color of the curtains or curtains to the color of the wall paint.

Selection of curtains

Those are 7 ways to arrange a minimalist living room that is elongated and narrow that we summarized. Hopefully, the article above is useful and inspiring, buddy.

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