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Examples of Minimalist Dressing Table Designs

When designing and building a house, design, and space factors are things that must be considered. Especially if you build a residence in an urban area with limited land, it is necessary to maximize each room by choosing furniture of customized size. For example, you can choose a modern minimalist dressing table design that can store skin care products and other cosmetics. Or a minimalist dressing table with white that matches the various colors of your room wall paint.

The dressing table itself does not have to be limited to one function only. However, choosing a desk with various functions can help you better organize the room. There are various beauty desk inspirations with various designs suitable for narrow rooms, here we present the review for you.

10 Minimalist Dresser Model Inspirations For Cramped Rooms

1. Multifunctional Dressing Table Design

Multifunctional Dressing Table Design

The inspiration for the design of the first dressing table was a table with various functions or multi-functionality. Of course, if you have a room of small size, a dressing table like this will be very useful. The size of this multifunctional dressing table also doesn’t take up too much space, so there is still a lot of space that you can use for other furniture.

At least a desk like this has two functions, such as a dressing table that you can also use as a workbench. There is one part where if opened you can see a mirror to decorate. When it wants to be used for work you can simply close it again.

In addition, usually, this multifunctional dressing table is also equipped with a number of storage cabinets. You can also store makeup equipment, notebooks, and other items in the closet.

2. Hanging Dressing Table Design

Hanging Dressing Table Design

The design of the dressing table does not have to have legs like a table in general. For a bedroom with a small space, you only need hanging shelves and mirrors. By utilizing the hanging shelves and mirrors, it will become a hanging dressing table or wall-pasted dressing table as shown above.

To store beauty products you only need a small storage box made of woven bamboo to make it look more aesthetic. You can also add a vase to make your hanging dressing table look more beautiful.

3. Simple Dresser Model

Simple Dresser Model

In other simple designs, you can also find where the mirror and dressing table are separate. The mirror is also attached to the wall to make it look simple but still beautiful. While the table has the same design and function as other dressing tables, namely on the right side there are drawers to store items or beauty products that you use.

4. Minimalist Teak Dressing Table Model

Minimalist Teak Dressing Table Model

The next dressing table idea will be suitable for those of you who have a minimalist home design on limited land. Moreover, this minimalist teak dressing table will produce the right combination if you meet the layout of your room. However, you need to adjust the color of the wood on this table to the color of other furniture so that it is uniform and pleasing to the eye.

The minimalist touch will be more visible on a large glass that will be used for dressing up. The glass with a large size is not without reason displayed in front of you. Instead, this large glass is installed in a door in which there is a storage room for your beauty items.

5. Aluminum Dressing Table Model

Aluminum Dressing Table Model

No less beautiful, this aluminum dressing table theme has many options that can be adjusted to the concept of your room. With its small size, equipped with mirrors and drawers, you can also order additional lamps to make this table seem elegant and luxurious.

In addition, you can order a model with a compartment that suits your needs. For the durability and sturdiness of this small minimalist dressing table design, there is no doubt that the material of this dressing table aluminum is strong, durable, and termite-proof.

6. Aesthetic Dressing Table Design

Aesthetic Dressing Table Design

Another way to beautify the room is to choose an aesthetic dressing table. This kind of dressing table you can also combine with a slender elongated mirror. To make it look more aesthetic, the role of wooden ornaments on this table is very important in the frame and storage cabinet.

In addition, other color selections that you can choose to combine with wood ornaments are white and black. These two colors are believed to add an aesthetic impression so that the table does not look monotonous. These two colors are also widely used by various furniture manufacturers today because of the impression of being timeless.

7. Simple Lamp Dressing Table Design

Simple Lamp Dressing Table Design

In order for the makeup to look more optimal, good lighting is needed. This is so that you can see in detail the makeup. Therefore, the addition of several lamps on the dressing table is necessary.

You can make a dressing table with this lamp yourself at home, without having to spend a lot of money to buy a new table. By utilizing an existing dressing table, then you only need to buy a few lamps and prepare some equipment.

The steps can also start with removing the mirror frame. Then determine several points that will be paired with lamps, and cable installation, until it ends with the installation of the lamps. The manufacturing process also requires time and perseverance in order to get maximum results.

8. White Minimalist Dressing Table Design

White Minimalist Dressing Table Design

The next modern minimalist dressing table design is a dressing table with white color that can be combined with any wall paint color. In addition to its simple design, white is believed to be a neutral color so that it still looks beautiful with anything.

In addition, there is an empty space under this table that can be used to store benches. Of course, a stora age space like this can help you to get a more spacious walking space.

This white minimalist dressing table design also looks beautiful when coupled with accessories or other decorations. You can put a small carpet with thick fur and a decorative flower beside this table. In addition to flowers, you can also replace them with a standing decorative lamp that is directed to the position where you are sitting to add lighting.

9. Sliding Dressing Table Design

Sliding Dressing Table Design

This dressing table can also beautify your bedroom because of its minimalist and elegant design. A luxurious impression is also obtained with a mirror glass that can be shifted to access the storage cabinet.

This sliding dressing table is best suited for those of you who don’t like to see things lying on the table. In addition, by placing makeup or skincare products in a closed cabinet, can also protect against dust and dirt. The table is neater, and makeup and skincare products are more neatly arranged. Interesting, isn’t it?

10. Mini Dressing Table Design

Mini Dressing Table Design

The last dressing table idea is a dressing table of small or miniature size. Self-makeup activities are not only carried out by teenagers and adult women. You can also buy a mini dressing table for the baby so that they can play and express their creativity.

This table can also be placed anywhere you feel is appropriate because it won’t take up much space. However, ideally, you can place these mini dressing tables next to the bedroom windows so that they also get good lighting when playing.

The various choices of minimalist dressing table ideas and designs above can be used as a reference to complement your room which has limited space. Of course, whatever your choice is, it must be adjusted to the size and capital you have. Hopefully, our review can provide benefits for you.

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