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Bedroom Design : Minimalist / Modern / Simple

Modern minimalist bedroom design – Bedroom design has an important role for those of you who want to have a comfortable room, even with a limited area. Currently, there are many limited room areas due to the increasingly minimalist size of the house. But even so, the room must still be comfortable to be your resting place every day.

There are several concepts in designing a bedroom that you can try. For example, designing a minimalist, modern, or simple but comfortable bedroom. Which bedroom design concept are you interested in? Check out the explanation below!

Best Room Design Inspiration

Modern minimalist bedroom design

The first recommendation is a minimalist but modern bedroom design. Design with a modern minimalist concept is very dependent on the type of furniture used. For example, as in the example in the picture, the bedroom does not have a lot of furniture. There is only one floor mattress and a wall shelf made of wood.

The wall shelf material made of wood matches the room’s plywood ceiling model, bedroom base and mattress pad, so that it looks more modern. The edge of the base Mattress that is high enough can also be a base for plants that are placed near the window.

Not only that, the selection of a fairly large window size and one side of the room which is a glass wall, makes it look much looser and is suitable for dealing with a minimalist room.

Aesthetic minimalist bedroom design

Aesthetic minimalist bedroom design

Next, a minimalist bedroom design can also still have a high aesthetic value. Aesthetic bedroom people usually call it, it really depends on the placement and selection of furniture that has a high artistic value.

For example, like the example in the picture, a room with a triangular ceiling is a room in the attic. This type of room usually seems uncomfortable and shabby. However, with the choice of glass as the ceiling, you will feel like sleeping in the wild every day.

Then the triangular-shaped wall can also be modified into a shelf. You can place photos, paintings, books, and many other personal items there. No less important, to keep it feeling loose, choose a floor mattress and cover it with a comfortable feather rug.

Bedroom Design 3×3

Bedroom Design 3×3

Minimalist rooms are also usually identical to the size of 3×3. This means that the bedroom has the same length and width, which is 3 meters. The size and shape of the room is quite difficult to decorate. But with a minimalist bedroom decor, you can make it look comfortable and still beautiful.

Like the example in the picture, choose the right mattress size. The length and width should not leave no room for movement at all. Take advantage of one wall into a multifunctional window as a door, so you can easily go outside the house through that window.

Place several types of plants in the corner of the room and don’t forget the colored carpet with the mattress for an interesting decoration. You can also use wood floors and lamps from wood to make the room look more natural.

the room looks more natural

The next 3×3 bedroom decoration inspiration is shown in the image above. The bedroom has a very limited area. Therefore, the furniture used is also very minimized, there is only one mattress, two nightstand tables, two wall paintings, and one plant display as well as a lamp.

The simplicity of the contents of the bedroom but does not make it boring. The selection of earth tones makes everyone comfortable to rest in this room. Floor mattresses are also the right choice to leave more room for movement in the room.

Bedroom Design 3×4

Bedroom Design 3×4

Next, there are also many minimalist bedrooms that have a size of 3×4. A 3×4 size bedroom can be decorated with light colors as in the example image above. Rooms with the dominance of white and cream colors make the room feel more spacious. The arrangement of the mattress in the middle of the room, makes enough room for movement around it.

You don’t need a lot of other furniture, just one dressing table, one shelf, and one nightstand. You can place a wall hanging to make the room not look too empty. Most importantly, place a large window on one side of the room to allow light to enter.

This room with the dominant white color is decorated with leaf patterned pillows. Some potted plants are placed in the corners of the room to add to its beauty.

There is only one nightstand that can be used as a base for a table lamp. Especially for wall decoration, there is no need to put decorations that are too large and many. Enough photos in a frame that is arranged neatly is enough to decorate it.

Simple Bedroom Design

Simple Bedroom Design

Minimalist bedroom design is also synonymous with simplicity. A simple bedroom can be shown through the picture above. It can be seen that the room only has two dominant colors, namely white and purple. The room only uses a floor mattress, a small nightstand, and a study table in the corner.

The decorations in the room are only two picture frames and plant pots. This makes the room feel more spacious and clean. The carpet under the floor mattress is also a good alternative to make the room feel more comfortable.

make the room feel more comfortable

One more simple bedroom inspiration that you can try is to use a medium-sized mattress in the middle of the room. Apart from the mattress, there is no other furniture, except for plant pots and a nightstand which are also used for plant pots.

One side of the bedroom is a large window. This window will be a gap for light to enter, so it is highly recommended to install long curtains as in the example. Don’t forget to also add a rug at the bottom of the mattress to make the room atmosphere more comfortable.

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