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Simple Ways to Create a Bathroom Atmosphere

Simple Ways to Create a Bathroom Atmosphere – In addition to the laundry room and a small part of the kitchen, the bathroom is a wet area that must be kept clean. Besides being used as a place to clean body waste, the bathroom can also be used as a means of reflection.

However, it depends on how your bathroom design. A musty, damp, dirty and smelly bathroom will be a problem because the cleanliness of the bathroom can show the homeowner’s way of life.

Designing the bathroom to be a fun place, you can do it by utilizing the main function of the bathroom, which is to create a fresh and attractive atmosphere. Refreshing a space can be tricky, especially if it’s a bathroom that is usually small and difficult to renovate, especially if you have to decorate tiles, heavy bathtubs and other things.

Bathroom Interior Design Tips

Here are some brilliant tips for designing a bathroom to make it more refreshing:

1. Tiles

Bathroom Interior Design Tips

Tiles (tiles) are probably the most important part of the bathroom because they cover most of the space and create an atmosphere or background in the bathroom. Choosing a unique tile will transform your bathroom into a personal one that fully expresses your taste.

You can use geometric tiles, mosaics, or other patterns that suit your taste. You should pay attention to the choice of bathroom tiles, because dark colors will make the bathroom appear smaller. Harmonize the pattern of the walls and Bathroom Floor.


2. Bathtub and Sink

Bathtub and Sink

Bathtubs and sinks with creative designs can be a great solution to add a fresh atmosphere to your bathroom. You can use a wooden bath that will bring a natural and cool feel.

In addition to wood, you can use marble or carving for a luxurious look. You can choose a bathtub and sink according to your taste, such as a Modern Sink or a Minimalist Sink, but keep an eye on the theme of your bathroom.

Modern Sink or a Minimalist Sink

3. Shower


Shower is the main source of freshness in your bathroom. If you want a fresh atmosphere, you should design a Minimalist Bathroom with Shower.

You can combine the shower into one with the bathroom or separately. The sound of gurgling water will create a natural feel while providing personal comfort.

shower into one with the bathroom or separately

4. Green Plants

Green Plants

Potted plants of various types and sizes will enliven any bathroom, even a minimalist bathroom or a luxury bathroom. Giving greenery is the most budget-friendly practical solution.

You can put ornamental plant pots or apply plants to live green walls, which are the current trends and can create a luxurious atmosphere.

5. Lamp


Most bathrooms do not pay attention to the position of the lights. Even though lights can support a fresh atmosphere in your bathroom. The color of the lamp can create an elegant, natural, or quiet atmosphere depending on the lamp you use.

You can use various models of Unique Chandeliers or wall lights that match the theme of your bathroom.

Chandelier model

Those are 5 tips that can be applied to the bathroom that can be applied to add freshness in your bathroom. You can use a natural theme to design a fresh bathroom.

Placement of the bathroom and ventilation also affect the atmosphere in your bathroom. You can design your bathroom as creatively as possible so that it can be a comfortable place of reflection. Hopefully the article Tips for Creating a Fresh Atmosphere in the Bathroom are useful! Simple Ways to Create a Bathroom Atmosphere.

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