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Minimalist Kitchen Set Design

Minimalist Kitchen Set Design – Kitchen or in English called kitchen is a room that must be in a house. All activities from cooking that are carried out every day will be carried out there. Thus for a woman or housewife, having a beautiful or lux kitchet set even in a narrow or small place but seemingly spacious is a wish or dream. Having a minimalist kitchen room and a minimalist kitchen set is also often assumed to be easy to tidy up the kitchen when after finishing cooking.

Below, there are 5 minimalist kitchen set designs, although small but seem spacious, this design will really suit your wishes who like to spend time in the kitchen every day.

Minimalist Kitchen Set Design

1. Minimalist Kitchen Set Design With Lights – Beautiful Lights

Minimalist Kitchen Set Design With Lights – Beautiful Lights

This design looks simple and simple, there is a large glass that makes this kitchen mirror as if it will expand this room. Cabinets that are beautifully designed but not too big reinforce how minimalist this kitchen set is. There is also a dining table with 4 cream-colored chairs but enough for a small family who enjoys the moment of eating together at the table. The three lights hanging on the dining table add to the beauty of this room.

2. Modern Kitchen Set Design

Modern Kitchen Set Design

This kitchen placement design is not indoors or separated by walls and has an entrance. But all the things in the kitchen can be seen from the room in front of him. The place needed is also not spacious, very minimalist but very sufficient for the storage of cabinets and refrigerators stored there. Dining tables and chairs have a modern concept. The color of each kitchen set is also in harmony with the walls or walls and the color of the doors of the house. Very interesting isn’t it???

3. Kitchen Set Design With Bright Colors

Kitchen Set Design With Bright Colors

The color of this Kitchen set can be adjusted to the design of your home. For example, a design with colorful or bright colors. This design, which is more dominant in red, can be assumed so that the dust that sticks will not be dominantly visible. Also the items and styles of the Kitchen set are very nice and cool with a modern style. This color choice will make all eyes turn to this kitchen because it has bright colors compared to other places.

4. Simple But Elegant Kitchen Set Design

Simple But Elegant Kitchen Set Design

For those of you who like a simple kitchen set, it is important that all the items that will be stored in the kitchen are neatly arranged. This concept can be used as inspiration. The dark gray kitchen set looks elegant but charming. This color also makes it easier to see existing stains, making it easier to clean them.

5. Classic But Luxurious Kitchen Set Design

Classic But Luxurious Kitchen Set Design

This design is very cool for your house that has a classic western-style concept or others. The table stored in the middle is very minimalist but underneath are doors for storage of goods.  If you think the color of the kitchen set is not suitable, it can be adjusted to the color you want.

Beautiful- beautiful and very attractive isn’t it..??? The designs of this Kitchen set will make your kitchen room look perfect and the dream of having a beautiful kitchen will be realized.

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