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Furniture Design From Cute Palettes

Desain Furnitur Dari Palet Yang Lucu

Furniture Design From Cute Palettes – Furniture from pallets, commonly known as pine wood or londo teak wood, is quite popular these days because of its wood fibers that have a beautiful texture and look very natural. This pallet wood usually comes from used container wood although there are also some wood companies that deliberately process it. Pallet wood has good enough quality so that it can be used creatively to make furniture products that are unique and have a selling point.

With fresh and creative ideas, pallet wood has been widely used for various types of furniture ranging from benches, tables, cabinets, bookshelves, to kitchen sets. This wood can also be used for house floors or wall cladding. Usually, these furnitures have unique characteristics by retaining their original colors or not painting them with other colors. This is because the texture of the wood fibers is very unique and beautiful.

Currently, many have processed this pallet wood into products that have a selling value. But with a little effort, we can also make furniture from wooden pallets which is nice and cool. Wooden pallet furniture is also one of the most searched DIY projects on the internet. So, don’t be afraid and confused about how to make it because there are already many tutorials that we can get by surfing in cyberspace a little bit. And here I share 21 unique and interesting furniture ideas and designs from wooden pallets. Hope it inspires.

table from pallets

This simple table can still look unique and attractive. Even with some simple carpentry tools, we can make our own at home. We can beautify it by putting one/two table decorations.

mirror of the palette

Want to have a different hanging mirror? Try creating a mirror from a wooden pallet like the photo above. Besides you will get a mirror with a unique frame, this design can also be a storage place for some cosmetics, perfumes and accessories.

café table from pallets

If you plan to open a café or hold an exhibition, furniture and decorations made of wooden pallets can be the right choice.

sofa from pallets

Want to create a cozy and intimate home terrace atmosphere? these wooden chairs and tables can be a fresh idea to beautify our patio.

sofa from pallets 2

If the previous design looks complicated, maybe this design idea is simpler but still very beautiful for your home terrace.

sofa from pallet

Adding relaxing pillows in the wooden furniture pallets as above is a cool idea for a corner of your porch.

table from pallets 2

You can get this table by combining four crates of used vegetables or fruits that have been cleaned.

table pallets

The idea of this one table is also very unique because we can add wheels so that it becomes a coffee table that we can move easily.

Although retaining the original color and texture is the most popular choice when using a wood palette, we can paint it, especially since the texture is still visible even though it has been painted. And white can be a pretty color choice.

tables and chairs made of pallets

If you have a large enough yard, this design can be an option to create a fun gathering space with the people closest to you.

This design can be an appropriate choice if the concept of our entire house is a minimalist design.

beds from pallets

One piece of furniture that may not be much on the market is a wooden pallet bed. However, we can make it ourselves so as to get a unique bed for our room.

Furniture from this pallet wood can also be used for more formal rooms such as offices. The design above can be an option for the office lobby so that the atmosphere seems more comfortable.

This wooden pallet can also be an attractive dining table to beautify your dining room.

Thus the ideas and designs of various furniture from pallet wood or pine wood or londo teak wood. Please create your ideas and make your home more unique and attractive.

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