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Types of Ideal Garden Lights to Beautify the Exterior

Types of Ideal Garden Lights to Beautify the Exterior – A house without a garden tastes like vegetables without salt. Beautifying the garden can be done in many ways. Not only about plants, beautiful decorations will make a minimalist garden design look special.

The existence of a garden with lights has an important role in your residence. Not only as a green open space, the park is also a means for family and relatives gathering. But the most important thing, a beautiful garden design will definitely add to the aesthetics of your residence.

Minimalist garden design is not only the existence of various types of plants as well as their arrangement. For those of you who have a narrow garden, maybe you just need to arrange some ornamental plants with a simple path. It’s different if you have a large area, you can complete the garden design with a gazebo, a place to relax and a swimming pool.

Designing and decorating the garden must be considered carefully. Many factors need to be considered, from budget, layout, size, decoration, accessories, to garden lights. Well, speaking of garden lights, their existence is not so prioritized. But for those of you who want to have a beautiful and elegant garden, applying garden lights can be tried.

Types of Garden Lights

The existence of garden lights is not only a means of lighting, but also can give the impression of a garden being more unique, beautiful and memorable. There are many benefits that can be obtained from garden lights, namely providing security, beautifying the appearance of the garden, showing a dramatic impression and so on.

Here are some types of garden lights that can be chosen to be used as design inspiration at home:

1. Path Lighting

Path Lighting

This type of garden lamp is useful for displaying a modern and elegant impression. This lamp is placed on the foot path in the park, because its function is for street lighting as well as for security so that the path is visible at night. Path lighting has other models, namely bollard lighting and spike lighting.

Bollard lighting, shaped like a bollard and usually used in larger garden areas to illuminate pathways, looks like a mini street light. Meanwhile, spike lighting is mostly used for decorative purposes rather than for lighting.

Most spike lighting uses batteries or solar power, which means you can save more energy. This makes this lamp has one weakness, which is often short of power.


When choosing bollard lighting, always check where the light is, because some models of this type of garden light offer 360-degree lighting, while others only illuminate in one direction.

Avoid using bollard lighting in small areas because their chunky appearance makes the area look even more cramped.

2. Down Lighting

Down Lighting

As the name implies, this type of garden light is placed in a high area with downward lighting. With the appropriate placement, this garden lamp not only provides maximum lighting, but also displays a unique and beautiful impression.

This lighting will focus on something below it, such as grass, flower plants and so on. Down lighting will make the garden safer and more comfortable at night.


In addition to lighting up the garden area, it is also suitable for lighting hardscaping elements. If you have a large relaxing area in your backyard, you can illuminate it with this type of garden light. The higher the lamp, the larger the halo will be.

If you place it on a tree and tilt the lamp down, it will make it look like moonlight. Can beautify the appearance of the garden at night.

3. Spot Lighting

Spot Lighting

Spot Lighting or spotlights are unique in the garden. This type of garden lamp has a beam of light that tends to be narrower. The light emitted from the spot light is more focused on a specific point and this makes it perfect for highlighting features in your garden. Spot Light has various variants such as well light and pond light.

Well lights are installed by planting them into the ground, leaving a little surface for lighting. This gives a seamless impression to the garden. While the pond light can be submerged in water and is the perfect choice to decorate a garden pond. Read: 55 Minimalist Pool Design Inspirations on the Page.


Spotlights should be used sparingly in garden landscapes and only for accent lighting. Use it to highlight an even scene or to show interesting landscape details.

Spot light comes in a variety of colors. Choose the appropriate color to create a beautiful atmosphere at night.

4. Floodlight


This type of garden light is almost the same as a spot light. The difference is, flood lights display more diffused light, so they are often used to illuminate large garden areas. This lamp has a high light intensity. So do not be surprised if it is widely used for lighting sports fields.

Flood light placed in the garden will give more light to the part you want. If directed to the house, it will highlight the architectural features of the house that can bring warmth to the front of the house.


You can not only highlight the front of the house. You can highlight areas of flower plants in the garden and some trees. This will make all parts of the garden bathed in light.

Use a narrower beam of light to highlight the vertical features of the house (pillars) and a wider beam of light to highlight the horizontal features.

You can use spread lens accessories. This accessory attaches to the front of the bulb to spread the light.

5. Shadow Lighting

Shadow Lighting

As the name suggests, this garden lamp model emphasizes beauty. This garden lamp is lighting to get an interesting effect from the resulting shadow. You can highlight various objects to create shadows, such as highlighting trees, ornamental plants with unique shapes and so on.

In addition, shadow lighting is also available with a garden lamp model that has been decorated so that the light produced has formed a beautiful shadow, without highlighting an object.


You can use lights to highlight unique plants from below. Make sure the plant is near the wall, so that the shadow is easily visible.

You can highlight trees or other objects that cast pretty shadows.

There is a garden lamp that has been modified on the frame so that it can produce shadows. For this model, you can install it in any garden area according to your taste, but it is better near a garden path, yard or wall so that the shadow looks unique.

6. Deck and Step Lights

Deck and Step Lights

Just like path lighting, this garden light model also serves to show the way. The difference is, deck lighting has more benefits to show the details of the architectural design of the garden. Similar to ground lamps, this type of lamp is usually planted on the wood of the stairs to make it more beautiful.

This lamp is very suitable to be installed on outdoor or indoor stairs. Low voltage LED lighting and adequate lighting can add security to your home and deck. Read: 43 Stylish Designs of Modern Home Terrace Stairs.


You must install the deck lights correctly, because creating shadows or dazzling light can be dangerous. Make sure the beam is not pointing outwards. You can direct the light on the surface of the stairs so as not to disturb people walking up it.

Add these garden lights if the deck looks darker.

High placement allows for wider illumination. You can apply lights at the top of the stairs rather than in the stair area to light up more stairs than one.

You can attach lights to each side of the steps and create a uniform look. But remember, do not get messy. Or you can install on top of the riser so that it can illuminate two steps at once. This can save time and budget when buying and installing deck lights.

7. In Ground Lights / Uplighters

In Ground Lights / Uplighters

Underground lighting is one of the most popular forms of garden lighting. Basically, it’s just a spotlight embedded into the ground with a snug fit against a level surface, usually in paving or decking. In ground light is usually used to mark the boundaries of driveways, paths and some garden designs.

For gardens, its use is combined from stairs to walls. This type of garden light is applied to the garden for aesthetic purposes as well as marking boundaries, because this form of lighting does not produce much light for lighting.


If you want to decorate the swimming pool area, use IP68 light fittings that can be used underwater. Read: 60 Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs with Modern Concepts.

Not only for the surface in the yard, this lamp is also beautiful installed in the area of ​​​​the stairs and walls.

Choose the best lamp model that has a lens cap and trim to prevent water from pooling and entering the lamp.

If installed on the ground, beware of flooding. Make sure to turn off the power until the water recedes and allow time for the soil to dry out again.

8. String Lights & Lanterns

String Lights & Lanterns

String lights are becoming a popular and unique garden design feature these days, as well as a great way to add light to a relaxing area in the garden. This garden lamp model is used for decorative purposes, especially at night parties or outdoor dinners.

Most of these types of garden lights have a lot of light with high brightness. You can also find the perfect solar powered string lights for perfect use.


This garden light can be used along walls, fences, tree branches, bushes and gazebos.

Used for garden lights, choose lamps that last, at least a year.

Make sure and double check before buying, whether the lamp is made of glass or plastic. Although a little, there is a big difference between the two. If you like an elegant design, you should choose glass material.

Choose the size and style of the lamp according to your taste. Make sure when not turned on, the hanging lights fade into the landscape and don’t stand out too much. You can use a light that is not too big with a brown wire.

Remove the light bulb first before hanging it to make it easier and avoid the risk of breaking.

9. LED Candle Lights

LED Candle Lights

Although candles are beneficial in many aspects of life, they are not completely safe. But now, there are many alternative candles for your decorating needs, including LED candles. Candlelight is ideal for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere at night.

LED candles proto vide a realistic effect, last much longer than real candles and are unaffected by wind. You can use it in gardens, pool areas a,nd front porches. There are many LED candles with several shapes, sizes and styles that you can choose to decorate your home garden.


To make it more beautiful, you can put LED candle lights in a container, then hang them in the garden area.

LED candlelight prioritizes beauty over light. You don’t need to buy very bright candlelights because their function is to give a warm impression to the house, not light it up.

Choose a unique candle holder that suits your taste. You can hang it in the garden or put it in the patio area in a unique and classic container.

10. Pier Mount Light

Pier Mount Light

This type of lamp features a unique design and does not take lighting into account. A Pier mount light is usually installed at the entrance of the garden or on the side of the fence. This garden lamp is also widely applied to classic-style homes.


In addition to the fence entrance, you can install it on house pillars, corners of the house, and some corners of the garden if it produces beautiful decorations.

Choose a model that fits the style of your home, whether it’s classic, modern, or minimalist.

If mounted on a pillar, ensure that the lamp is no higher than a quarter of the height of the pillar.

Those are 10 types of garden lights that can be considered to decorate your garden. To decorate the garden, you can combine several types of lights in one area. Installing garden lights not only considers lighting, but you can get a dramatic, beautiful and elegant impression from the garden you create. Hopefully, the article Types of Garden Lights is useful!

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