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Outdoor Cafe Design Inspirations at Home

1. Exposed Brick Outdoor Cafe Design

Exposed Brick Outdoor Cafe Design

If you want to make a small cafe behind the house, or design the remaining part of the land in the cafe-style house, this simple design concept can be an inspiration.

The way to make it is quite easy by ignoring the brick walls without being treated or coated with cement. Then you can add cafe tables and chairs and some with ornamental plants. In addition to saving money, this design will also look unique.

2. Home Cafe Design from Bamboo

Home Cafe Design from Bamboo

The next outdoor cafe design can look natural with the help of the use of bamboo and the booth as a kitchen as well as a bar table that is minimalist and simple.

The appearance will look simple, this can also be applied to an open kitchen in the house. Don’t forget to also add a canopy roof so that cooking activities will be more comfortable and not exposed to the hot sun.

3. Simple Outdoor Cafe Design

Simple Outdoor Cafe Design

If you have a room or land that is not used at home, you can use it to be something useful, such as making a simple cafe.

As shown in the picture, there is a small building in the form of a place to mix drink orders. On the outside you can add chairs or tables for visiting guests.

In order to feel shady and comfortable, you can also add plants and trees around the area.

4. Outdoor Cafe Design in a Large Courtyard

Outdoor Cafe Design in a Large Courtyard

If you have a large home page, of course, it will provide a lot of advantages for the owner. Which, we can use to become a comfortable outdoor cafe.

It is enough to add some furniture such as a number of neatly arranged cafe chairs and tables. In making the evening atmosphere warmer, we can also give string lights a warm yellow color.

5. Industrial Cafe Design

Industrial Cafe Design

Industrial is a design concept that is very suitable to be applied to cafes and coffee shops. If you like this concept, don’t hesitate to use it for a home cafe.

In addition to the unique nuances, this design concept is also fairly easy to apply. One that can be an inspiration is this one image.

For example, a small, industrial-style shop with glass doors and walls and exposed hebel brick walls in white paint for the top of the cafe.

6. Scandinavian Cafe Design

Scandinavian Cafe Design

In addition to industrial design concepts, Scandinavian design will also be a unique choice for outdoor cafes.

The way to design it is quite easy and simple, simply by presenting the dominance of white on the walls and roof.

If you want to beautify the atmosphere, you can add wood elements to the floor or table.

7. Semi Outdoor Cafe

Semi Outdoor Cafe

If you want to create an outdoor cafe, but you are still protected from the heat of the sun and rain, then designing a cafe with a semi-outdoor concept can be an interesting choice.

We can provide a canopy in the form of a wooden frame or an alderon canopy so that sunlight will still penetrate into the cafe. The atmosphere will feel more comfortable and shady.

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