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Minimalist and Modern Cafe Interior Design

Minimalist and Modern Cafe Interior Design – Cafe is not just a place to hang out or a place to eat and drink. Therefore, cafe entrepreneurs do not only focus on how to present a delicious menu. But also really pay attention to the interior design. Because, if only the menu is the mainstay, it is likely that visitors are less interested because usually they are also enjoying the atmosphere.

Although interior design is important, the awareness of building branding through the interior has not been fully implemented by every cafe entrepreneur. However, now many have started to offer unique design concepts that have succeeded in attracting customers.

The reason why interior design is very important, is because with a unique interior design, it will certainly attract the hearts of visitors to feel at home for a long time at the Cafe. Thus, it also has an impact on increasing sales.

In addition, interior design can also affect appetite or mood. This determines whether or not the menu will be ordered. And how long visitors spend at the Cafe. The more precise the interior design of the cafe, the more visitors will feel at home in the cafe for a long time.

To influence the mood of visitors, use interior designs that match consumer tastes, you can research this. In addition, use the right furniture, the right lighting and the right colors. This has a big effect on the mood of visitors.

With a unique interior design, the Cafe will look its trademark in the eyes of visitors. So they will remember your brand because it is different from the others. therefore, try if you want to build a cafe business, design it as good and attractive as possible, besides serving menus that visitors like.

One that is now favored by visitors is a minimalist cafe. Although the size is smaller than large cafes, many visitors like this type of cafe. they like to spend a long time here. Well, if you want to open a cafe business, you need to consider building a cafe that is not too big. such as the Cafes reviewed below. These cafes do not have a large size. however, managed to attract the hearts of visitors. What are the types of this minimalist cafe? see the following review, yes. Who knows it can inspire you.

1. White Box, Kota Kasablanka

White Box, Kota Kasablanka

Located in the kasabalnka area, this cafe carries a minimalist interior design concept. The interior, which is all wooden furniture, makes Cafe Whitebox look special. Although the size is not too big, this cafe offers comfort for its visitors, this cafe is also suitable for taking pictures.

2. Colette Lola, Beautiful Castle

Colette Lola, Beautiful Castle

Designed with a minimalist concept, this cafe, which is located in the Puri Indah Mall area, is very instagramable. Colette Lola cafe decorated with colorful bubble gum looks lively and cool to take pictures, and gives a young and cheerful impression. Visitors will feel at home in this minimalist cafe.

3. Loving Hut Joo Chiat, Singapore

Loving Hut Joo Chiat, Singapore

If this one cafe is abroad, it’s in Singapore. Loving hut joo chiat is a cafe restaurant that serves a menu for vegetarians. Visitors enjoy healthy dishes at this minimalist Cafe outdoors, while enjoying the surrounding panorama that refreshes the eyes.

4. MOYA Café, Bali

MOYA Café, Bali

This cafe carries a minimalist concept. The location is in Kerobokan Bali. The background of the cafe is dominated by white and blue colors, and is decorated with the iconic peacock painting on the walls. Moya cafe offers an unusual concept, because it carries the concept of open space, so the lighting is natural from direct sunlight. Even though it is minimalist, thanks to the right interior design, it makes this Cafe look relieved.

5. Minimalist Home Cafe Interior

Minimalist Home Cafe Interior

In the fifth minimalist cafe interior decoration example, there is an example of a minimalist home cafe decoration that has a classic design. By making a mini bar table made of bamboo, it makes the cafe design at home more natural.

6. Indoor Garden Cafe Interior

Indoor Garden Cafe Interior

We have often encountered the concept of an outdoor garden cafe, but you can design an indoor cafe by creating an indoor garden cafe interior concept made of some native plants and you can also use plastic plants that make the atmosphere inside the cafe more unique.

7. Minimalist Classic Cafe Interior

Minimalist Classic Cafe Interior

Creating a minimalist cafe design is the dream of many cafe entrepreneurs, therefore in order to make a minimalist cafe design look more unique and different from other cafes, the classic minimalist cafe concept is the best choice for now. In addition, with this concept, the cafe will look more instagramable.

8. Minimalist Library Cafe Concept

Minimalist Library Cafe Concept

If you have a hobby of reading books and want to provide a reading room for fellow book lovers, then making a library concept cafe interior design is the main attraction. People can enjoy eating and drinking more leisurely while reading the book they want to read.

9. Elegant Minimalist Cafe Interior

Elegant Minimalist Cafe Interior

The elegant and minimalist cafe interior design is exemplified from the eighth design. With this design concept, it is hoped that customers who enjoy food and drinks at the cafe will be more comfortable and feel at home to linger to enjoy their relaxing time at night or during the day during work breaks.

10. Minimalist 2-Story Cafe Interior

Minimalist 2-Story Cafe Interior

If you want to make a cafe with a 2-story concept but are still confused about what kind of interior decoration you want to have on the 2nd floor, then the choice of interior design concept from the cafe that is shown in this example can be an inspiration and new idea in designing a contemporary cafe interior.

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