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Minimalist and Elegant Home Design

Modern minimalist home designs are being favored by various groups who crave dream homes. This is because the minimalist home style can present a very simple design but still be attractive and elegant.

In general, the concept of a modern minimalist house prioritizes efficiency and simplicity but still favors functionality. So, even though the size is not too big, a minimalist house can still meet its residents’ needs properly and optimally.

For those of you who want to build or renovate a residence with a modern minimalist concept, this article will provide a little inspiration about minimalist residential designs for you.

Minimalist Home Design Inspiration

Basically, determining a minimalist home design is not as easy as we think, but it’s also not as difficult as you think. To make your choice easier, here are 10 modern and elegant minimalist home design inspirations for your future home concept reference.

1. Minimalist 1 Floor House

Minimalist 1 Floor House

You can apply a minimalist home design to various types and residential concepts, including the type of one-story house. Moreover, a house with 1 floor will be easier to execute and the construction cost is also much lighter.

This type of house will be very suitable for you to live alone or with a small family. At least, you can build one or two bedrooms in a one-story modern minimalist dwelling.

2. 2-story minimalist house

2-storey minimalist house

Who says a minimalist house can’t be multi-story? You can still build or renovate an old house using a two-story modern minimalist home design.

In fact, a 2-story minimalist house will provide a much wider space without requiring a lot of horizontal land.

For the division of space, you can use the ground floor as a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. As for the upper floor, you can place 2-3 bedrooms along with other bathrooms.

3. Minimalist House Painted in White

Minimalist House Painted in White

The white color is one of the characteristics of the minimalist home concept. Having a house with white paint or stone material will highlight the impression of a simple but very elegant residence.

So that it doesn’t look too plain, you can add natural rock material that has a rough surface to give it additional texture and style.

You can apply natural stone types with white colors that are not too bright on some of the facade walls or house poles.

4. Minimalist Industrial Style House

Minimalist Industrial Style House

Confused by the choice of an elegant modern minimalist home design? You can choose a residential concept with an aesthetic and contemporary industrial style.

In general, the minimalist industrial style tends to highlight unfinished building designs, for example, exposing brick walls without being coated with plaster or plaster.

For those of you who like to be different, this minimalist home design will be suitable for you to apply, especially to the interior of the house such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

5. Japanese-Style Minimalist House

Japanese-Style Minimalist House

When it comes to minimalist home designs, Japanese-style residences are often the choice for many people because of their beauty, uniqueness, and neatness.

To apply the concept of a minimalist Japanese-style house, you can highlight the use of quality wood materials on some parts of the house’s exterior and interior.

Furthermore, you can also add ornaments and some Japanese-style furniture to beautify the interior of your minimalist home.

6. Scandinavian Style House

Scandinavian Style House

In addition to Japan, Scandinavian house styles are also often a reference in determining modern minimalist home designs today.

In general, Scandinavian-style dwellings are synonymous with minimalist elements and the use of neutral colors such as houses in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark.

You can use a choice of pastel, white, or brown paint according to the tastes of each homeowner. In addition, the Scandinavian-style house also continues to prioritize the functionality of every part of the house without leaving its aesthetic value.

7. Natural Style House

Natural Style House

If you often explore the types of minimalist homes, you must have come across the concept of a natural-style minimalist house that looks very natural.

If you are classified as a person who likes natural beauty, you can include natural elements in your minimalist home concept with a few modern touches of today.

Next, add a large window at the front of the house as a natural lighting system during the day.

8. Minimalist House with Spacious Yard

Minimalist House with Spacious Yard

The inspiration for the next modern minimalist residence is a house with 1-story building construction and is equipped with a large yard.

To be more aesthetic, you can use the concept of a natural minimalist house with a large green lawn. In addition, you can also add several types of potted plants in some areas of the exterior of the house so that they feel will be cooler and more beautiful.

9. Mini Minimalist House

Mini Minimalist House

If you want to live in a private house alone, this mini minimalist home design will be the right choice to meet your board needs.

In addition, if you want to quickly have a private house but the budget is still mediocre, you can still build a beautiful small minimalist house even though the land area is quite limited.

Even though the yard of the house will not be too wide, at least you need to provide a small plot for greenery.

10. Square House

Square House

Without leaving the minimalist concept, you can also create a box-shaped dream dwelling with a futuristic style. The distinctive feature presented by this box-shaped house is modern and contemporary which is very relevant to the lifestyle of young people.

For young people who like the concept of a minimalist box-shaped house, there’s nothing wrong with making this house design inspiration for your dream residence in the future.

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