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Classic Vintage Home Design Inspiration

Vintage Home Design – Dream house is a dream for everyone. No exception also has a dream house with a vintage design. For those who like vintage style, this house is certainly unique and interesting. Not infrequently they look for their own references to vintage home designs.

Curious as to what vintage home designs are?

1. Modern Mid Century Concept

Classic Vintage Home Design Inspiration

This vintage house design applies a modern mid-century style. This is a retro vintage home design. This design existed around the 1960s. The design of this house looks perfect with the presence of old-fashioned furniture coupled with the use of textiles with soft colors.

To make it look softer, don’t forget to add a unique lamp. So this modern mid-century style is a blend of textiles with soft colors and 1960s retro designs.

2. Vintage Kitchen Bar and Cabinet Installation

Classic Vintage Home Design Inspiration

We can also apply the home kitchen with a vintage feel. Here we can also add additional bar functions to the kitchen cabinet. This bar functions as a place to eat or just to relax.

With the addition of this bar, it also looks attractive, and is identical to the lifestyle of the past. Then to put a beautiful bowl or glass you can add a hanging rack model.

3. Vintage Feminine Shabby Chic Desain Design

Classic Vintage Home Design Inspiration

If you have a vintage house, you can also apply a shabby chic style that looks romantic and old school. If you want to apply this style, you don’t need a large room and a complicated design.

That’s because this style can be presented with room decorations, knick-knacks and shabby chic colors.

For example, if you apply this style to the kitchen, you can use a cheerful vintage style with bright nuances. For the floor, you can also use wooden floors and old-school furniture to make this vintage feel even more pronounced.

And to complete it, it can be added with chandeliers and curtains that have a simple motif.

4. White Wall with Table on Wheels

Classic Vintage Home Design Inspiration

For the living room, you can apply a different atmosphere to other modern homes to welcome guests.

If you have a white wall, then you also don’t need to repaint, because we can use white sofa furniture.

To make the vintage impression even more pronounced, you can use a wheeled table that is painted in white. Then for decorations, for example photos, you can also use white frames.

5. Bed with Iron Canopy

Classic Vintage Home Design Inspiration

For those of you who don’t like a lot of renovations, then you can include this vintage design. Here you are just a little to decorate the room.

In order to give an old impression, then you can decorate the bed with a canopy type. So that the room does not look empty, then you can use a photo from a polaroid.

To beautify the room, you can add fresh flowers and vases and then they can be placed on the table or on top of your closet.

6. Vintage Theme in Kids Room

Vintage Theme in Kids Room

It turns out that this vintage design is also cool to apply in a child’s room. Just look at the room design above. Here you also do not need to repaint.

If the paint you use is white then you can use furniture that supports it.

In addition, this vintage impression will be felt even more thanks to the addition of a plant in the house

7. Clock with Roman Numerals

Clock with Roman Numerals

If you want your kitchen to look more colorful without leaving a vintage impression, then you can use chairs with different pastel colors.

For example for blue, green, yellow or pink. So that the vintage atmosphere presented is more pronounced, you can hang a clock that uses Roman numerals. Although the decoration is only a little but the results can be maximized.

8. Using Natural Materials with a Minimalist Look

Using Natural Materials with a Minimalist Look

The appearance of this house uses natural materials and has a rough texture. The design is minimalist with the addition of wooden accents that are combined with the asbestos-shaped roof.

So overall it looks very aesthetic. The color also looks interesting which consists of a combination of light blue and gray.

9. Dominate Exposed Brick Accent

Dominate Exposed Brick Accent

The appearance of the house using brick accents is often found in classic and modern home designs.

With this exposed brick, it makes the house look warm. it also looks aesthetically pleasing from all sides.

In order to add a classic impression, besides being able to add exposed brick accents, you can also provide decorative decorations on the exterior.

10. Classic Purple Combination

Classic Purple Combination

Like purple? This vintage home design with a purple color combination can be used as an inspiration for you.

By giving this purple accent it will make the atmosphere look so cheerful and look unique. Vintage Home Design Inspiration

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