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Inspirations for Minimalist Garden Design

Inspirations for Minimalist Garden Design – Did you know, that the beauty of the garden will have a big effect on the charm of the house you have. The more beautiful the garden, the more attractive the appearance of the house behind it will be. To create a beautiful garden, in addition to planting green and flowering plants, you can use stones.

Stone, this solid and hard material often escapes our imagination. Stone has a distinctive charm and can present a certain impression in an instant. The various shapes and colors of the stones also make them look unique.

Stone River

Inspired by rivers in Asia where the banks are always full of rocks, you can create river ornaments with a model like this. It doesn’t matter whether the stone river will be filled with water or not. What is important, is the curvier the shape of the river will look more beautiful. This rocky river-style ornament can also be presented in the form of a path to your home.

Stone Fence

If you live in a large area near a lake or forest, don’t take away the scenery around your house by building a high fence. You can still give clear boundaries on your property just by arranging the stones in such a way. This method is also effective in creating an attractive landscape.

Relaxing Place

Relaxing Place

Sometimes, we feel sorry to sit on the grass in the garden for fear of causing him to die. Well, the presence of small stones that are grouped will be a safe base. Plus, the expanse of rocks will present a very attractive appearance.

Stone Stairs

If your garden is located lower than the house, try using stones as stairs. Don’t worry about the irregular shape. That’s exactly what makes it look unique.

Stone Chair

Stone Chair

Alternatively, you can use stone as a chair. The stone used must of course be large and have a fairly flat surface. No less important, try to make the arrangement look as natural as possible.

Stone Wall

The making of stone walls is done by arranging the stones on the surface of the semen. These stones serve as forming motifs. Therefore, the choice of stone color used must also be considered carefully. One of the advantages of using stone walls is that the garden and home design can blend strongly.

Rock Pool

Because stones cannot be separated from water, the idea of ​​​​building a pond filled with rocks is an idea that must be tried. Complete the pool with a fountain or artificial waterfall so that it looks like the real thing.

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