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Jin BTS Brings J-Hope's Bag

Jin BTS Brings J-Hope’s Bag – Previously, Jungkook was reported to have left first for the United States and was followed by other BTS members who wanted to fulfill the invitation from the White House.

Following the news regarding the presence of BTS (Bangtan Boys) at the invitation from the White House, this one boy group has become a hot topic of conversation when they departed from South Korea for the United States. While at the Incheon airport, the members seemed to be preparing to launch into the country.

The members recently treated fans at Incheon Airport as they headed to America to join President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss racial discrimination and anti-Asian hate crimes. Whenever BTS departs for overseas schedules, the hot topic on everyone’s lips is the members at the airport.

Since their debut, the members have never been disappointed whenever they arrive at Incheon Airport. Whether it’s because of their impeccable fashions to their unbeatable attitude towards the press and fans. Like when the members went to America, Jin’s and J-Hope’s hilarious behavior has captured attention.

As soon as the members got out of the car, Jin and J-Hope drew attention for their adorable interactions with each other, some of which were caught on camera. As expected, J-Hope who was nicknamed the happy Virus couldn’t seem to hide his excitement at the airport and seemed full of energy as the members walked through the airport.

When the camera starts to focus on the other members, Jin and J-Hope are seen playing rock, paper, scissors while walking. The two of them did that to win over who had to carry their own bags until they got on the plane.

However, the victory was won by J-Hope because when the camera returned to all the members, Jin was now carrying his group mate’s bag. Many also think that it confirms that Jin’s hand is getting better after undergoing injury surgery earlier in the year.

When the video was shared on social media, netizens couldn’t forget that the duo “2seok” had time to play. Be it on Instagram or in real life, Jin and J-Hope have an unbreakable bond and their friendship with each other is undeniable.

Meanwhile, BTS’s departure on May 29 without Jungkook previously leaving has amazed fans. The group is gaining attention for their easy airport appearance and visuals. They also have the funniest reactions when they see ARMYs and really respect the press. Jin BTS Brings J-Hope’s Ba

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